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Rug Cleaning Basics




Lisa Wagner



Beginner / Intermediate

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Course Length

10 Modules


Course Fee

$497 (Payment Plan Available)

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What is “Rug Secrets”?

Rug Secrets is a real world, affordable rug cleaning course for those who want to become better and more profitable rug cleaners.

The course covers the basics of how to successfully get into this business, as well as the technical basics of how to wash rugs thoroughly while avoiding the most common costly rug cleaning mistakes. It is “how to” education that can be applied immediately into any cleaner’s business.

With today’s new generation of expert rug cleaners, the ones that were not born into existing rug cleaning families, many reference this specific course as the one that set them on their successful rug cleaning path. More than 300 cleaning companies have completed the Rug Secrets course.

    Rug Secrets Module Highlights:

    • Biggest Myths & Outright Lies About The Rug Cleaning Business
    • Rug Cleaning Basics
    • Rug Wash Step-By-Step Walk-Through
    • Which Affordable Tools Provide Better & Faster Rug Cleaning
    • Most Common Cleaning Challenges and Solutions
    • Pet Decontamination Technical Tips
    • Fringe Cleaning Technical Tips
    • Rugs To Run From
    • When It’s Time To Grow, And How To Do It Right.

    Who is this for?

    This course is for business owners (or their technicians) who have never cleaned rugs before, or those who have cleaned rugs for years… but just not confidently. It is also for those cleaners who have had past training from other sources that left them feeling too confused or overwhelmed by what they learned to put it into action successfully.

    This is also for those cleaners who are not sure if they want to focus on rug cleaning as a primary service or not for their company. The content will help keep the occasional rug cleaner out of trouble if they continue as a “now and then” rug cleaner. The content will also help bring clarity to those who know they are meant to move into rug cleaning as a primary service.

    How does this work and how much?

    The education is delivered in-depth manageable lessons. This was designed originally as a ten weekly module course (8 core basic modules plus 2 additional technical specialty modules), allowing you to go through at your own pace, from the comfort of your own home or office, and review what you need to, when you need to.

    The modules are written content, photos, video clips of key demonstrations, and checklists/forms for use in your company. Each module has a PDF version of the lesson so that you can craft a manual for quick reference in your company.

    If you are a “binge” student, you do have the ability to move ahead in the modules after each lesson quiz, and complete it at a faster pace. This course was originally designed at a weekly pace, however we have removed this function to allow cleaners to move ahead at the pace that is best for them.

    The purpose of this course is to lay the foundation of useful, practical information you can implement into your business right away, and build your rug cleaning confidence and volume so you can pursue more advanced training down the road.


    What Others Have To Say About Rug Secrets

    “Holy mackerel Lisa, I can’t say enough good stuff about you and your organization. You were my first…trainer in rug cleaning. Rug Secrets online training was fantastic. It provided me with a tremendous foundation for rugs in general. From how rugs are made, to where they come from, to introduction to the various cleaning techniques and equipment. My particular rug cleaning company has topped out last year over 200K. At any rate, we are still growing rug cleaning/repair thanks in no small part to you and Textile Pro’s.”

    David Antonetz

    “We started with Rug Secrets and ti was the best way to figure out if rug cleaning is for you. It has great entry level info backed by a great instructor whol will and does help you along the way. I recommended it again this week to Andy Fuentes and I will do so as long as it’s available. Some of the basic stuff you use every day washing rugs is taught in this course and I still refer to it daily on the wash floor.”

    Scott Gwilliam

    “I took Lisa Wagner’s class a few years ago… and just on the information I learned, I have made hundreds of thousands of dollars.  And that was before I was able to start washing on my own. Now I don’t have to send them out.”

    Jared Lustgarten

    The course investment is $497.00 for Rug Secrets.

    $5/sq. ft.

    If you are a rug operation charging on the higher end of $5/sq. ft., then the course investment reflects one room size rug cleaning job.


    $3/sq. ft.

    If you are a rug operation charging on the lower end of $3/sq. ft., then the course reflects two room size rug cleaning jobs.


    Less than $3/sq. ft? 

    If you are currently charging less that these rates, this course will help show you why your prices need to go up, and even if you only clean a few rugs a month, you will earn back your investment right away.

    You have six months of access to the modules for the ability to repeat and review. A certificate of completion is provided after the completion of the content, and your successful quiz results.

    Instructor: Lisa Wagner

    About Lisa Wagner

    Lisa Wagner, NIRC Certified Rug Specialist, is a second generation rug care expert and co-owner of K. Blatchford’s San Diego Rug Cleaning & Repair in California. They are nationally recognized specialists in the care of antique and contemporary Oriental and Persian rugs.

    Lisa is the rug care columnist for Cleanfax Magazine, the founder of the Textile Pro Program, an advanced hands-on training program for rug and fine fabric care, and the author of the first online rug cleaning training course Rug Secrets.

    Lisa has been providing on-line and in-person rug care training for several decades, and in 2006 she was chosen as Industry Person of the Year for her industry educational contributions. Her blog is the most visited and referenced rug care site on the web by consumers worldwide.

    Lisa’s “Love It or Leave It” No Hassle Guarantee

    After going through Rug Secrets Module #4, if you do not feel that the course has been worth your investment, you can stop the course at that point and get a full refund of your tuition. No reasons or excuses needed. If I have not proven value to you by that point, I am happy to have us part ways with a refund, and as friends.